Ever came across these set of Campus ladies and all the do in the name of falling in love. Now consider these 7 Silly Mistakes Made By Campus Ladies When They Fall In Love Too Fast and see if you’ll recognize any.

1. Make His Dreams More Important Yes, his hopes and dreams do matter, buh not more than yours.You have to pursue your dreams also in order for both of you to have a smiling future.Remember you have to be happy before you can be one half of a happy couple.

2. Go Crazy On Social Media
Campus ladies are so fond of this; they upload their guy pics on every of their social media account. Filling your feed with “ussies” could backfire if you’re rushing a connection that may not be built to last. Once you go public, there’s no turning back.

3. Blow Off All The Other Guys

I’m not advocating dating multiple guys at the same time, cutting every other man you know, or was romantically linked to out of your life too soon may make for many awkward apologies later, especially if they’re friends worth having.

4. Rush The Parental Introduction/Visits

When Campus ladies have a boyfriend, all they think of is doing the parental introduction or making a visit to his parents house.Rushing quality time with his parent before he’s ready can sometimes backfire big time.

5. Become Mrs Do All
Just because they found new love doesn’t mean plans for vacations, luxury trips and couple dates should be made immediately.It’s great to do these things sha buh as long as you’re not trying to do them all back-to-back.

6. Abandon Their Friends
Some Campus ladies do feel pompous when they’re in love.They cut off ties with their friends because they have a man taking care of them.If you choose to get lost in love and give up on friendships altogether that’s a decision that’s big silly mistake.

7. Rush Into S3x

Love doesn’t have to mean s-x immediately.Speeding into s-x because you’re in love with him is a “rookie” love mistakes.

These are some added tips, if u disagree with any or wish to add your own opinions, kindly input in the comments box, your views are valuable to us.


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