INTERVIEW: NAIJAPARRY Crew, Had an interview with Ade Brown the aspirant for the post of SUL General Secretary Ede Poly.

Naijaparry Crew: May we know you

Adebrown: Am ADEKUNLE Emmanuel Brown (P.K.A. ADE-BROWN) Student of applied chemistry, federal poly Ede, HND II

Naijaparry Crew: ADEKUNLE and BROWN, please what is the connection?

Adebrown: People often ask me. I have a dual citizenship my father Is a Nigerian and my mother is a Ghanaian.

Naijaparry Crew: What motivated you into student unionism ?

Adebrown: What motivated me is in the name of the union which is STUDENT UNION LEADERSHIP, it was the leadership in it that motivated my interest into student unionism because it’s my innate desire to provide leadership wherever I found opportunities to serve humanity.

Naijaparry Crew: You are coming out for what position

Adebrown: Am coming out for the office of GENERAL SECRETARY At SUL

Naijaparry Crew: What are you bringing to the table

Adebrown: Having studied, digested and understood the constitutional roles of the office of GENERAL SECRETARY and on that premise the following are my mission for the student community of this great citadel of learning.

  • To promote transparency between the student , Student union leaders and the school management, this will be achieve through a prompt, reliable and balance information management with the use of feedback response information system in our two campuses( north &south)
  • To ensure an effective coordination and monitoring of implementation of union policies and programmes towards the interest of the student.This will be achieve by channeling policies in line with those feedback from student.
  • To improve on student academic performance through a professional and well coordinated tutorial programme under the supervision of student union academic committee in our two campuses (north & south) and also I shall ensure that we(SUL) establish a student union academic award to recognize best student from each department.
  • To ensure the presence of student union federal poly Ede chapter on the global community i.e. our student union shall have her own websites, this is were first hand and reliable information concerning issues that affect the student shall be reaching out to student
  • I ‘ve also noticed that most student especially the fresher find it difficult to locate their venue during the examination period.For this reason I plan to work with the union academic committee to develop a navigation app and to put direction sign post at strategic location and proper nomenclature of each building and lecture room for easy identification.

Naijaparry Crew: What is the Job of a General Secretary

Adebrown: The office of GENERAL SECRETARY is what I called the brain box of any organization, it entailed the coordination of all activities of the union both internal and external, organizing meeting as at when necessary between the union leaders and the management, keep proper communication between the management,union leaders and the student community

It is also the responsibility of this office to ensure that all procurement activities were carried out in all transparency.

Naijaparry Crew: What is it that the Present Executives have not done that you are bringing to the table?

Adebrown: Very well,that will be proper communication and documentation of all activities of the union.

Naijaparry Crew: Have you been threatened by any of your co-contenders

Adebrown: Hmm, No

Naijaparry Crew: How confident are you.

Adebrown: Confident in what sense? Oh you mean about the election.

Very well,with GOD and the support of all the student on campus.the confident is high

Naijaparry Crew: How do you see your oppositions?

Adebrown: Talking about opposition, am still second to non

Naijaparry Crew: its said that people would have wanted you to come out for the post of SUG president, so why didnt you choose that?

Adebrown: When you know yourself it means you will know were you can do better.As I have said earlier the office of GENERAL SECRETARY is the power house of the union which is were I know I can really deliver in my service to humanity.

Naijaparry Crew: What word do you want to send out to the student

Adebrown: My fellow comrades and great Nigerian student, in this monumental event of student union rebirth in this our citadel of learning, I believe nothing can be done to achieve excellence without you.


God bless FPE.

God  bless School of applied science.

God bless School of business study.

God bless School of environmental study.

God bless School of engineering study.

God bless Female hostel

God bless Male hostel

God bless Ronbay area

God bless Agbale area

God bless TAlafia area

God bless OGberin area

God bless Odo eja area

God bless Poly road

God bless Mini Mart

Naijaparry Crew: Thanks for having Us

Adebrown: You are welcome.


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