See 8 Things Men Hate About Women (No 3 Really True)

There are always small details in a relationship that can put everything down. Just as women do not support some male attitudes, there are also things men hate about women that can ruin a relationship .

We did a survey and today we brought a list of 8 things men hate about women.

Before we start, we find it interesting to note that this does not work for 100% of men. They may be alike, but of course they are not identical, so keep in mind that these can not be taken as absolute truths.

1. When they like to discuss the relationship all the time
Most men do not like to expose or talk about their feelings. Thus, they tend to shy away from women who like to discuss the relationship all the time.

If you are looking for a long- lasting relationship,then work on it for it.

2. When they like to play “second mother”
Mother is a mother and no one will ever occupy the same position as them. Do not want to play the second mother of your boyfriend or husband.

3. When they pursue you all the time
Calling to see if everything is okay is an acceptable attitude. Calling every 10 minutes just to say a simple hello can go beyond the limits that men see as “acceptable.”

4. When they ban the spies
If you have an attitude that practically all men hate in women, it is when they ban the spies and start flipping drawers, cabinets, backpacks and purses for secrets or even things that only exist in their heads.

A healthy relationship needs to have confidence as a basis. If you demonstrate that you do not trust him, you will open up for him to feel the same.

5. When they do not put their hand in their pocket
It seems unbelievable, but in the middle of the 21st century, there are still women looking for men who pay all their bills and bank all their luxuries.

Modern men do not like that kind of attitude – and if it were otherwise, I guarantee you would not either. Splitting the bills is a way of showing your independence and letting any relationship lighter.

6. When they take advantage and treat men as slaves
Fortunately, the society has been evolving – albeit in the footsteps of an ant. Just as you do not want to be the housewife, wash and iron all your clothes, cook every day, look after your children and clean the house, it’s not fair to insist that your boyfriend or husband perform all the task at home. Agree for someone to come and fix up the broken or damaged pipes in the home, or fix the shower, change the fuse, fix the bed or even change the vehicle tires.

Be independent and know if you if it’s your turn to do something. Do not require him to know how to fry an egg if you do not even know how to change a light bulb.

7. When they complain about everything
A person who complains about everything is boring – be it woman or man.

Males tend to be less patient females. If there is something that men hate about women, it is when they complain about everything.

8. When they compare to ex-boyfriends

In the first place, if you live by bringing to the present who was part of your past, you may not be so well resolved.

Secondly, if you keep saying “my ex did that,” “I always came in this restaurant with my ex” or “my ex never yelled at me like that,” then my dear you are practically asking for your relationship to end.

To understand why this is an attitude that men hate in women, it is only a question of reversing roles. If he kept talking about his ex-girlfriends all the time, you would have a fit of nerves and have him “pick up a little coke on his way out.” Do not do that.

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