Defection: Plateau PDP reveals why politicians are leaving the party (Must Read)

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Plateau has declared that God was “sieving the chaff from the grain,” while reacting to recent mass defection in the party.

The party’s Chairman, Damishi Sango told newsmen in Jos on Sunday that, “The defections do not surprise us; we believe that God is sieving. He is blowing away the chaff and leaving only the grain.”

Recently, the PD lost many of its prominent members such as Sen. Joshua Dariye, Rep. Edward Pwajok and Yusuf Gagdi, Deputy Speaker, Plateau House of Assembly, to the APC.

When the Plateau House of Assembly was inaugurated in 2015, the PDP, had 13 members to APC’s 11, but currently it has only eight, while the APC has 16.

According to Sango, those dumping the party now had only confirmed that they were only interested in where there was power.

“The defecting members have proved that they are fair weather friends that we do not need because such people will also be quick to leave the APC today, if it is out of power.

“We are happy that the chaff is being blown off. We want only genuine members to remain.

“The party needs to begin a fresh process of growth and cannot go far in these trying times if members are not totally committed.”


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