YBNL SCAMMER: Olamide Manager Fraud Upcoming Artist (See Detail)

According to the information reach NAIJAPARRY from an upcoming Artist today. The information was sent to us through our watsapp official number. That a scammer tag himself as Olamide Official Manager have scam him sum amount of cash.

Read Details Below:

My name is Oluwatosin an artiste base here in ib, May 6, 2017 I was reading latest news about record lebels and I saw news abt YBNL AUDITION and I click on it so it show to knw more about the Audition contact d manager number 08119161299, I copied the number and dial it with my True caller application and it bring the name YBNL but rhe the person dont pick it i did it twice, so i search it on whatsapp and it show on whatsapp but offline so i drop message introducing myself and how i got the number, on the 7th which is d 2nd day at noon the YBNL number message me and send me this details about YBNL AUDITION “There is an ongoing audition for the YBNL ENTERTAINMENT.
The audition is taking place at Protea hotels, Victoria islands, Lagos state.. everyone anywhere can apply for the audition.The audition is usually 1/2 days.. Candidates will be lodged and fed, there will be no charges for this.. It’s free… All you need to do is prepare. 

we have everything else covered, You are to perform any 2 songs you know how to sing best (your own song if you want to).. Please note that it’s not a competition, it’s just an audition.. You aren’t competing with anyone.. The fact that you got a text from YBNL already shows you qualified but your physical presence is required..  

You will be signed if you are successful but the platform is not for free, You’ll make the deposit of #15,000 for the registration .. I’ll send you the platform via whatsapp or email before you make the payment, which you’ll print out and fill.. You’ll bring the form and deposit teller along with you to the audition venue on the audition date.. you will receive a commencement message when will start up your registration and a confirmation message would be sent to you after the notification of your payment which will contain the date, time and venue of your interview.

We don’t allow people come directly to us to buy the platform to avoid unnescessary crowd around us. You’ll send me the name of any popular vehicle park close to you when you get to Lagos.. Our vehicle will meet up with you there and the journey will commence.

Question 1: How do you know i have paid? Answer:Yes, the bank will send us an sms & email alert that someone with name like this paid and their teller number.

Question 2:
If i pay this amount will i pay any additional fee?Answer: No!

Question 3: How Quick would the confirmation message come? 

Answer: Our source has never failed us but latest a day”. I let him knw that am interested in this Audition but my problem is money so I news he help that am hustler and he send me this message again ” I can only help you if you can afford to pay #8000″ but I tell him I can’t meet up but I will try my best to arrange 5000 so he said ok, he said he will send me d audition form now that I should make sure I print it and keep it well because of scammers and. After my payment they will confirm me and send me more detail abt the audition…..See below; Please don’t give anyone this platform to view, avoid reaching to scammers.

Fill the platform with any photo editor or print it out to fill and send it back to us

[5/8, 11:17 PM] Ybnl: Snap it and send it to me via whatsapp after filling it with your details, you will bring the original copy with you when coming for the interview

[5/8, 11:18 PM] Ybnl: Or you can scan it to my email- iamalexanderokeke@gmail.com

[5/9, 8:10 AM] Ybnl: Name: osaretin osamuyimen

Acc numbr: 3096739960

First bank

[5/9, 8:10 AM] Ybnl: Notify us immediately you make the payment. 

I try all my best and I see no money till Sunday may 22, 2017 one of my boss in office borrow 4000 and I fill like I should send it bcus I can spend it, so early Monday morning May 23, 2017, I called he number twice he don’t pick it so I went down to bank to send the money to the account he send to me, after sending the money I called him and he pick it, so I told him I send 4000 because a boss of mine only see 4000 borrowed me and I don’t want to spend it and he told me he will check that after checking he will confirm me throughout that day he dont send me any confirmation message and i called him at night he picked and said he will called their admin now they will send me the confirmation message, mean while at noon i saw a facebook user name Alexander Okeke same pics on instagram and some of the pics that the YBNL whtsapp number always use as dp also, this make me feel like is the same person so I message him that hw don see the alert? So this Facebook user telling me which alert and I told him am the one he always chatted with on whatsapp about audition and the Facebook user said he is scam that he is the real YBNL MANAGER and he too said I should send 5000 for form so so this enable me shoutout to the world that lot of people are using YBNL MANAGER NAME to scam upcoming artistes……..

Olamide pls post YBNL MANAGER NUMBER to the world and find solution to this……. Am in debt….. 

For more details: 08169840788


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