EDE POLY: Outcome And Cause of  Disorder At Institution Stadium

Sport development is a weapon of unification they do say but it was on the other way yesterday at federal polytechnic ede in Osun state as football lovers and spectators engaged in a cantankerous boisterous and adventitious act where numbers of casualties were recorded injured.

According to the information reach NAIJAPARRY from our Reporter is at the school pavilion yesterday, the pandemonium arises as a result of occurrences from the football match between Accountancy department and office technology management department,where many were brutally injured and later in the day taken to the school medical centre. 

Dissemination of vital information has always been imperatively our objective that’s why after the event we press on connecting with the departmental president of the two department,all effort to connect with Accountancy president was abortive and futile but we are privilege meeting the OTM president in person of Comr ashiwaju… 



G.SONG: Amiable president,after the pandemonium occurrences yesterday at the school pavilion, what exactly is the cause of the tumultuous disorder and what possible steps were put in place sir?

Comr ASIWAJU: Thank you the vibrant reporter on campus
Yesterday match was between OTM and Accountancy department. After the normal playing time, the match ended 1 – 1 (draw) and penalty shootout needed to be played in order for the winner to be emerged, OTM played first {the penalty} and scored, Accountancy played and didn’t scored in which it was crystal clear that the ball didn’t enter the net,The referee and the two linemen said the ball didn’t score. But to the surprise of everyone, the fans and supporters of Accountancy ran into the field to logged their complaint to the match official. It was during this period that the commotion and chaos started, And as the President of OTM, I instructed my players, fans and supporters to stay away from the violence and they listened to me. No one joined from OTM department.

After the commotion, we were called to the office of the Chief Coach of FPE, myself {OTM President}, OTM Sport Director, OTM Team Coach and a lecturer from my department. The same set of people were also present from Accountancy department. Also present at the meeting were NABUSS Staff Adviser, NABUSS Sport Director {The Organiser of Dean’s Cup}, Acting Rector Representatives, Students’ Affairs Representatives and people who have competence in sport activities.

The judgement was passed that Accountancy breached the rules of soccer by disrupting the match and/or went against the decision of match official and the were disqualified from this year Dean’s Cup. OTM were awarded 3 goals and 3 point based of FIFA rules.

 Finally, we all signed agreement to abide by the decision.That’s what happened yesterday sir. I gave you this information in good faith. Thanks

G.SONG: Wow !!! You have just elucidate us more so Explicit,so do You see the permanency of the resolution ?

Comr ASIWAJU: Yes reporter, the judgement is binding on both departments because agreement was signed yesterday after the final verdict. It automatically means no one should/must go against it.
In a nutshell, there is permanence of the resolution

 G.SONG: Ok thanks for your time Sir, nice having you here  

ASIWAJU: It is my pleasure sir


Similarly we consulted a staff at student affairs in federal polytechnic ede who made it Known that the issue is now restive,furtherstated that though it was cumbersome Infact a lecturer was injured but we give God thanks it over.

Reporter: G.song


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