Seh Na True! Secret Things Wives Want From their husbands

Women are naturally believed to be strong being that they can weather through horrible storms of life without getting shattered. They do this most of the time without people knowing what they are going through, but do you know that women have their weak points and there are a lot of things they àutomatically wants you to do for them once they are married to you?

Most women see you as their essential functional part once you are married and they expects you to do the following.

1. They Want You To Think For them

Most women see marriage as an opportunity to unburden and all they want is to turn their husbands to the thinker.

2. Your woman wants Solution To all her problems From You

Whenever she is facing a challenging situation, she expects you to provide an instant solution or answer.

3. They see their husbands as a Magician

They don’t want to know how or where the result is coming from, all they want is for you to bring an overnight solution. She could come with a problem in the night and when she wakes up the next morning, she expects a way out from you.

4. They Cannot Think Alone Again

The reality is that when she was single, she was the one thinking for herself but once married, you become her brain box. She becomes lazy to think alone and you cannot afford to disappoint her.

5. They Want Attention

Whether she is making sense or not, whether what she is saying is boring to you or not, all she wants is your undivided attention because at this point she relies on you for almost everything.

You could have noticed all or any of these in your wife and they get you pissed off, the truth is there is nothing you can do about it than to cooperate, keep being that good husband and make her happy so that you will, in turn, reap joy.

It is just natural and it shows she respects you, honours you and trust your judgment.


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