9 Things You Must Know Before You Marry Ijesha Lady (Must Read)

-By Bisi Oludare(Yeye Lujesha 1)

If you are planning to get married and you have been searching your whole life without success, then search no more as you have the best lover in Ijesha girl.

If there is any tribe you must strive to marry from as a guy, then a lady from the Ijesha speaking part of Nigeria will suit you well. They have loads of wonderful attributes that make them pass for an unbeatable wife material, an excellent mother and a great daughter-in-law.

You can read below some of those great attributes they possess.

1. They Are Respectful

If you are looking for a lady that will honour and reverence you, then Ijesha lady is your sure bet. Because of the way they were brought up, they naturally show respect to people and they don’t take their husbands and husband’s family members for granted. You can be sure to have your food served with respect, just as the King that you are.

2. They Are Hard With Money

You cannot owe them; money is one thing Ijesha lady will not joke with. Though, your money as the husband maybe for the whole family as ‘our’ money, but her money is ‘my’ money. 
You cannot owe her, so, if you want your relationship to flow well and you want to continue enjoying peace, whenever you borrow money from her, pay back as at when due.

3. Pounded Yam Becomes Your Favourite Food
You will eat pounded yam as often as you want to, it is a common belief that pounded yam is the food for the noble and people with class. She gets to serve you pounded yam not poundo yam or machine-made pounded yam but the real yam pounded with a mortar and pestle. 
Pounded yam is a food she grew up with, ate it morning, afternoon and night, and so pounding for you whenever you want it will not be a problem.

4. They Are Not Extravagant

Marrying Ijesha lady will make you achieve much in a short period of time what took your mates years to get. She is naturally prudent and can help you manage your little resources to achieve great things.

5. They Don’t Joke With Their Family

Just as she respects you and your family members, she expects you to reciprocate that act of kindness. She doesn’t joke with her family and as much as you respect them, she values you.

6. They Hate Polygamy

If you want to enjoy Ijesha lady to the fullest, don’t play with marrying another wife. Don’t even dare to joke about it. They hate sharing their husband with another woman

7. They Hate Divorce

Ijesha ladies are faithful and dependable wives so they don’t want to hear about divorce at all. One of the reasons you see them carry out their responsibilities well

8. They Are Stubborn

Ijesha ladies are stubborn and you cannot win them in an argument. They will not allow you to finish before giving it to you. It will not be wrong to say there is no tribe that is as stubborn as Ijesha ladies.

9. They Are Hardworking

Looking for a lady that will fully support you and won’t allow you to cater for the family alone, then Ijesha lady will pass for this. They are very hardworking and hate idleness.


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