50 JAMB CRK Questions 2017 | Check CRK Random Repeated Questions Here


1. David did not allow Abishai to destroy Saul because he

A. believed in the judgment of God

B. wanted to avoid being guilty before the Lord

C. wanted to disarm Saul before killing him

D. wanted to see if Saul would repent eventually.

2. The reward for total obedience to the commandments of God is

A. wisdom

B. life and length of days

C. knowledge

D. marital possessions

3. Adam named his wife Eve because she was

A. deceived by the serpent

B. the one that misled him

C. the bone of his bones

D. the mother of all living.

4. What was the immediate reaction of Moses when he cast his rod on the ground at Mount Hereby and it became a serpent?

A. He shouted for joy

B. He fled from it

C. He took it by the tail

D. He caugth it immediately

5. The consequence of King Solomon’s failure to keep the LORD’S commandment was

A. God’s promise to tear away part of the kingdom

B. the disloyalty of his subjects

C. the rebellion of the vassal states against his rule

D. the loss of God’s favour

6. According to Prophet Isaiah, the creative a bility of God is likened to that of a

A. potter and his earthen vessel

B. ruler and his followers

C. master and his servant

D. shepherd and his sheep

7. ‘David departed from there and escaped….. and when his brothers and all his father’s house heard it….. In the statement above, where did David escape to ?

A. Mizpeh of Moab

B. The land of Judah

C. The cave of Abdullam

D. The wilderness .of Engedi

JAMB CRK Questions 2017 |

Check CRK Random Repeated Questions Here.

8. Hiram, King of Tyre, was friendly with King Solomon because he

A. was afraid of war

B. wanted to assist

C. loved the wisdom of Solomon

D. loved David, Solomon’s father

9. ‘Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you… where was Abraham when this command was given

A. Sheckem B. Bethel C. Ur D. Haran

10. The LORD repented of the evil which he intended for His people because Moses

A. burnt the golden calf which the people made

B. broke the tablets out of his hands

C. made the people drink o f the water of the burnt calf

D. reminded Him of his promise to Abraham, Isaac and Israel

11. The altar that Gideon built the oak of Ophrah was called

A. The LORD is represent

B. The LORD is strenght

C. The LORD is p e ace

D. The LORD is great

12. The second creation story ends with the institution o f

A. the sabbath

B. the Passover

C. marriage

D. circumcision

13. The greatest dometic problem King David experienced which almost cost him his kingdom was

A. his adultery with Bathsheba

B. the killing of Uriah

C. the proclamation of Adonijah as king

D. the revolt of Absalom against him

14. The declaration by God that he would make a nation of the son of the slave woman meant that He

A. recognized Ishmael as Abraham’s descendant

B. was not partial towards Isaac and Ishmael

C. did not like the way Ishmael was sent out by Abraham

D. was responsilbe for sending Ishmael out of Abraham’s house.

15. The chief buftler said to Pharaoh, I remember my faults

today …… Faults refer to his

A. sins before he was imprisoned by Pharaoh

B. inability to interprete Pharaoh’s dream

C. inability to identify competent magicians, wise men and interpreters of dreams

D. forgetting the young Hebrew who interpreted his dream correctly while in prison

16. … The earth produced of itself, first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear… The statement above was made by Jesus in the parable of the

A. sower

B. mustard seed

C. weeds

D. seed growing secretly

17. Peter became frightened as he walked on the sea because

A. he saw a ghost

B. he doubled Jesus

C. of the wind

D. it was dark and cloudly

18. What did the blind man by the roadside near Jericho do on receiving his sight?

A. he jumped for joy and went away

B. he thanked Jesus for healing him

C. He followed Jesus, glorifying God

D. he gave praise to God for making him whole

19. The order of the crucifixon events according to Luke’s Gospel is

A. cruxifixion, lots casting for His dress, scoffing and mockery

B. mockery, lots casting for His dress, scoffing and cruxifixion

C. lots casting for His dress, mockery scoffing and cruxifixion

D. crucifixion, scoffing, mockeryand lots casting for His dress

20. The angel told Zachariah that John the Baptist would drink no wine nor strong drink because he would

A be the forerunner of Jesus

B. only eat locusts and wild honey

C. be filled with the Holy Spirit

D. baptize sinners who would come to him

21. What were the two emblems Jesus used during the Last Supper?

A. the bread and the blood of the lamb

B. the bread and the wine

C. The Unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine

D. his blood and his body

22. The condition Peter gave for a person that would replace Judas Iscar lot was that he must be

A. a witness to Jesus ministry

B. full of faith

C. a disciple of John the Baptist

D. a Galilean

23. “They have no wine” Jesus immediate response to the statement above was

A. “Do wathever he tells you”

B. “Fill the jar with water”

C. “…. Draw some out and take it to the steward of tests”

D. “O woman, what have you to do with me ? My hour has not yet come”.

24. The Macedonians who travelled with Paul to Ephesus were

A. Alexander andGaius

B. Demetrius and Aristarchus

C. Gaius and Aristarchus

D. Demetrius and Alexander

25. “O faithfulness and perserve generation, how long am I to be with you and bear ith you……….” Jesus statement above was addressed to

A. the Jews because of their unbelief

B. His disciples because they could not heal

C. the Pharisee because of their hypocrisy

D. His own people because they did not give Him honour

26. According to the first Epistle of John, to have the son is to have

A. salvation B. the Holy Spirit C. the Father D. life

27. In the explanation of the parable of the weeds, Jesus said that the righteous will

A. live forever in the kingdom of God

B. be set aside from all cause of sin

C. enter into glory with the Son of man

D. shine like the sun in their Father’s kingdom

28. The resolution of the Council at Jerusalem was that the Gentiles should abstain from

A. adultery, greed, strangled meat and divination

B. homosexuality, idolatry, fornication and strangled meat

C. idolatry, unchasity strangled meat and blood

D. circumcision, whoremongering, homosexuality falsehood.

29. ….. And I will say to my Soul, Soul you have ample goods laid up for many years take you ease, eat, drink, be merry..ed believers not to lie to one another because they

A. were joints heirs with Christ in the kingdom

B. were waiting for the Second Coming of Christ

C. had put off the old nature with its practises

D. had known the truth from the very beginning

37. Paul teaches that believers who maintain good conduct before governing authorities shall

A. recieve approval

B. enjoy peace

C. be shown hospitality

D. be higly honoured

38. According to Peter, when the chief Shepherd would be manifested, the elders would obtain the

A. unfading crown of glory

B. scepter of authority

C. house of glory

D. crown with stars

39. Paul boasted about the believers in Corinth for their

A. zeal in prayer

B. offering for the saints

C. maturity in Christ

D. display of spiritual gifts

40. God exalted the name of Jesus above every other name in heaven and on earth because

A. Jesus was born in the likeness of man

B. as son of God, He counted equality with God a thing to be grasped

C. in humility, he counted others better than Himself

D. He humbled himself to be born in human form and was obedient to death

41. How did Joshua react to the defeat of the Israelites by the men of Ai?

A. He rent his clothes

B. He fasted all day

C. He prayed to God

D. He consulted the priest.

42. Hosea declares that the upright walk in the ways of the LORD , but transgressors

A. scorn them

B. reject them

C. stumble in them

D flee from them.

43. After Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed Jerusalem, he took the inhabitants into exile but left behind the

A. poorest people

B. noblemen

C. priests

D. temple guards

44. According to Amos, the type of famine God said he would send upon the people of Israel was

A. that of bread

B. thirst for water

C. not hearing the word of the LORD

D. hunger for baskets of summer fruits.

45. “….The soul those sins shall die. The statement above by

Prophet Ezekiel means that

A. a sinner shall not escape punishment

B. the wages of sin is death

C. God will Judge the soul of a sinner

D. every person is responsible for his own sin

46. The consequence of Hiel’s building of Jericho was that he

A. was killed by Ahab

B. was made a commander in Ahab’s army

C. was highly repected by his tribe

D. lost two of his sons

47. “…. I send you to the people of Isreal, to a nation of rebels.” The statement above was God’s message to

A. Prophet Isaiah

B. Prophet Jeremiah

C. Prophet Amos

D. Prophet Ezekiel

48. Daniel was set up to be thrown to the lions by the

A. counsellors of Nebchadnezzar

B. adviser of king Xerxes

C. presidents and satraps of Persia

D. lords and nobles of Medes

49. According to Hosea, one of the punishments for the si ns of Isreal was that

A. they would not recieve divine revelation

B. they would eat but would not be statisfied

C. the LORD would send famine upon the land

D. their women would become barren.

50. Elijah knew of the covetous act of Gehazi because

A. it was reported to him

B. he saw him from afar

C. he went with him in spirit

D. he saw the gifts with him


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