2017 JAMB: 50 Updated Likely Chemistry Questions for UTME CBT Exams


1. Which of the following results in the fall of acid rain

A. oxide of lead

B. particulate matter

C. oxides of carbon

D. gaseous hydrocarbon

2. If glucose is heated on the concentration tetraoxosulphate(iv)acid, it will be dehydrated

A. carbon

B. carbon(iv)oxide

C. ethane

D. ethanol

3.Which of the following compounds can be

represented by the molecular formula C2 H6O?

A. propanal

B. ethanol

C. methanoic acid

D. glucose

1. What volume of 0.5mldm 3 H 2 SO4 will exactly neutralize 20cm 3 of 0.1moldm 3 NaOH Solution?

A. 2.0cm 3

B. 5.0cm 3

C. 6.8cm 3

D. 8.3cm 3

NH 3(g) + HCl (s) → NH 4Cl (s)

The entropy change in the system above is

A. positive

B. zero

C. negative

D. intermediate

Tartaric acid is used industrially to

A. make baking powder

B. make fruit juice

C. remove rust

D. dry substance

When sugar is dissolve in ten, the reaction is

accomplished by

A. positive change

B. negative entropy change

C. no entropy change

D. a minimum entropy change

The leachate of a certain ash is used in local soap because it contain

A. sodium chloride and potassium hydroxide

B. sodium hydroxide

C. potassium hydroxide

D. soluble carbonates and hydrogen carbonate

Chlorine gas turns damp starch-iodide paper

A. pink

B. colourless

C. red

D. dark blue

Which of the following types of alkanols undergo oxidation to produce alkanoic acids.

I. Primary alkanols

II. Secondary alkanols

III. Tertiary alkanols

A. I, II and III

B. I and II only

C. III only

D. I only

In the electrolysis of brine the anode is

A. platinum

B. copper

C. zinc

D. carbon

PCL5(g)= PCL3(g) + Cl2(g)

In the reaction above, a decrease in pressure will

A. Decelerate the reaction

B. Increase yield of Pcl3

C. Increase the yield of Pcl5

D. Accurate the reaction

According to the kinetic theory an absence in.temperature causes the kinetic energy of particles to

A. decrease

B. increase

C. remain constant

D. be zero

When stem is passed over red hot carbon the substances produced are

A. hydrogen and trioxocarbonate (IV) acid

B. hydrogen, oxygen and carbon (IV) oxide

C. hydrogen and carbon (ii) oxide

D. hydrogen and carbon (IV) oxide

Alloys are best prepared by

A. electroplating

B. Arc-welding

C. reducing and mixture of their metallic

D. cooking a molten of the metals

What is the volume of energy required to burn 45cm3 of mixture at S.T.P

A. 135.0cm 3

B. 150.0cm 3

C. 45.0cm 3

D. 90.0cm 3

Rare gases are suitable because they

A. are monoatomic

B. form ions easily

C. have duplet or octet electronic configuration in the outermost shells in their atoms

D. are volatile gases

Two equal bulbs, one containing ammonia and the other one opened mouth-to mouth to each other at temperature the entropy in the mixture of gases is likely to

A. remain unchanged

B. increase

C. decrease

D. charge

what is the pH of 0.00lmoldm 3 solution of sodium hydroxide

A. 14

B. 13

C. 12

D. 11

Detergents are manufacture with strength hydrocarbon chains is to make them

A. soluble

B. biodegradable

C. cheaper

D. foamy


N 2O 4(g) → 2NO 2(g)

In the endothermic reaction above, more products formed will be favored by

A. A constant values

B. an increase in pressure

C. a decrease pressure

D. a decrease volume

Chlorine consisting of two isotope of mass number 35 and 37 in the ratio 3:1 has an atomic mass of

35.5. Calculate the relative abundance of the isotope of mass number 37

A. 20

B. 25

C. 60

D. 75

The fuming of kettles is caused by the presence in the water of

A. calcium tetraoxosulphate (IV)

B. calcium hydrogentrionocarbonate (IV)

C. calcium hydroxide

D. calcium trioxocarbonate (IV)

24.The principal constituent of natural gas is

A. methane

B. ethane

C. propane

D. Butane
1. One note of a hydrocarbon 36g of carbon and its density is 20. The structure of hydrocarbon is (organic chemical)

A. CH3C = CH

B. CH3CH = CH2



2. A difference between chemical and physical change is that in a chemical change

A. oxygen is consumed

B. heat is supplied

C. the reversible process occurs

D. a new substance is formed

3. In the electrolysis of CuSo 4(g) using platinum electrode the reaction at the anode is

A. 4H+ 4e – 2H 2

B. 4OH – – 4e = 2H 2O + O 2

C. 2OH – 2e – = 2OH

D. 2OH – + 2OH = 2H 2O + O 2

4. 5 block elements of the periodic table one made up of

A. groups 1, 2, 3

B. groups 1, and 2

C. group 3

D. group 3 to 7

5. The oxidation state of oxygen on tetraoxosulphate iv acid is

A. -4

B. -2

C. 4

D. -8

6. Which of the following gives a precipitation when treated with NaOH Solution?

A. AlCl3

B. NH 4 Cl

C. Na 2CO 3


7. The filter in the cigarette reduce the nicotine construct by

A. burning

B. absorption

C. evaporation

D. absorption

8. Which of these require crystallization most?

A. Drug making

B. Cement making

C. Paint making

D. Perfume making

9. Iron is often galvanized in order to

A. Make it more malleable

B. Remove the impurities unit

C. Protect it against corrosion

D. Render it passive

10. In the industrial production of H 2 is removed by (solution)

A. washing under pressure

B. drying over phosphorus (V) oxide

C. passing the mixture to the limewater

D. using ammonical copper (I) chlorine

11. The gas that is most useful in protecting humans against solar marathon is

A. chlorine

B. ozone

C. carbon IV oxide

D. hydrogen sulphur

12. Vulcanization involve the removal of

A. monometer

B. the single bond

C. the double bond

D. a polymer

13. A small quantity of solid ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) texted gently in a test tube, the solid gradually disappear produce two gases. Later, a white cloudy deposit was absence on the cooler part of the test tube. The ammonium chloride is to have undergo

A. distillation

B. sublimation

C. precipitation

D. evaporation

14. When salt loses its water of crystallization to the atmosphere on exposure, the process is said to be

A. efflorescence

B. déliquescence

C. effervescence

D. fluorescence

15. Atomicity of ozone is

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

16. Which of the noble gases has the greatest ionization energy

A. He

B. Xe

C. Ar

D. Rr

17. P1V1 = P2V2 supports ?

A. Charles’s law

B. Boyles’s law

C. Graham’s law

D. Avogadro’s law

18. The weakest attractive force that can be observed between two molecules is

A. ionic

B. covalent

C. co-ordinate covalent

D. vander Waals

19. An elements used in production of matches is

A. nitrogen

B. aluminum

C. copper

D. sulphur

20. Cathode rays cause an object placed behind a perforated anode to cast a shadow on the screen. This observation shows that the rays

A. are positively charged

B. are negatively charged

C. Have mass

D. travel in straight lines

21. Flow of current in electrolytes is due to the movement of

A. electrons

B. Holes and electron

C. Ions

D. Charges

22. A suitable reagent for distinguish between ethanoic and ethanol is

A. bromine water

B. Fehling’s solution

C. sodium hydrogen trioxocarbonate (iv)

D. Ammoniacal silver trioxonitrate(V)

23. In the discovery of protein, the instrument used is

A. cathode ray tube

B. glass tube and discharge tube

C. discharge tube with terminal cathode

D. discharge tube with central cathode

24. Which of the following metals burns with brick red

A. Pb

B. Ca

C. Na

D. Mg

25. In the production of soap, concentrated sodium chloride solution is added to

A. increase the solubility of soap

B. decrease the solubility of the soap

C. saponify the soap

D. emulsify the soap

26. A liquid that will dissolve fat is

A. hydrochloric acid

B. calcium hydrochloride

C. kerosene

D. water.


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