5 Dangerous Ways That Dating Advice Can Destroy Your Marriage

Men are rarely seen asking for or giving loving advice to one another, unless they are friends of a long time or family, yet we women sometimes meet another woman, and she is already our most faithful mate and Counselor!

This can happen frequently, especially with regard to relationships: our dating, engagement or marriage. We have the idea that all women are equal, think and act alike, but in fact they are not.

Otherwise, our loving counselors most likely were not there at the time of the quarrel, argument, or even separation, they were not there every day cohabiting so they could say something concrete and really sensible about the situation.

Then, for lack of full knowledge and clarification on the whole of the situation, after all (our loving counselors) only know the part of the story that we wish to tell them, they declare bad advice for their marriage, such as these:
1. Women advise on what they live or have already lived

If your love situation is completely different from what your counselor has already experienced, even worse!
Women are directed to their inner world, taking into account only their “navel” to give advice to others.
So if your loving counselor has not experienced something similar to your case, worse still, you will not know how to say anything that is really worth listening to, much less followed.

2. Women are speaking beings and little listener

Since small this is fact, women talk much more than men!

A University of Maryland study found that because of total biological need, women ages 4 and 5 start talking more than boys and never quit.

Note that when you try to talk to someone, a woman, she looks like she already has the ready solution packed in a gift package for you. There are rarely women who can fully hear everything you have to say, these rare women usually become psychologists!

3. Women rarely manage to keep a secret

A British skin care survey has proven that women can keep a secret for only 32 minutes!

Research has shown that the most widespread gossip in the female environment is related to marital relationships, and secondly to the weight of each other.

About 85% of the women interviewed assumed that they like to listen to gossip, and they do not resist sharing the news with anyone.

So if you do not want to be the subject of the moment among your friends, or co-workers, reserve your marital intimacies.

4. Some women may be immature on the subject

The fact that she is already married is not an index of maturity for any person in the world!

No one goes through tests to see if they are already mature or mature enough to get married. People just sort out and get married. So the fact that her loving counselor is also married does not mean anything in relation to the advice she can give.

Maturity must be achieved so that good relationships can flow. Seek your own maturity, do not fixate on a supposed matrimonial maturity of another person.

5. Suggest the obvious is more practical for many women

In addition to portraits in television films and television series, many people, especially women, who have passed the previous assumption that they do not listen to the whole version, let alone have complete knowledge of the situation, suggest the most practical and simple solution they think to exist: A separation!

That’s because some of them may already have been married and have chosen to divorce and feel well after that.
What may seem simple is not always the easiest. Decide for yourself, insist on your relationship, be mature, think and internalize a little, reflect, be alone, and then talk to your spouse, discover together the outlets and advice that best serve your marriage that is unique and exclusive!

Well, when you hear several bad advice from the friends, and other work mates, then you should try as much as possible to listen to the bible as it has the only solution to all our problems. Well, God and Jesus are the lasting solution’s to all the problems.


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