See 10 thoughts you have only when you are with the right person

In most marriage of friends and relatives that I have been following for many years, there are many challenges. Challenges of all kinds, whether in the relationship between the spouses, or in relation to finances, child-rearing, day-to-day decision-making and major decisions, such as changing cities, or the like. 10 thoughts that only got who married the right person

1. Despite the financial challenges, we intend to continue together
As stated above, almost all marriages go through financial difficulties, from time to time, at least. Such financial difficulties can end marriages that do not have solid foundations, but also serve to unite more and strengthen marriages where the two have the same goal, which is to create a family at all costs. They are willing to work out the difficulties together and do their best to do so, without fainting.

2. Even with different theories on how to raise children, we have tried to reach agreement on this
 Almost always one of the two spouses is kinder with the children, while the other is more severe. Both end up complementing each other, despite being a source of much discussion between them.

In the end, however, they realize that children end up becoming great people, because the most important thing for their children is to see their parents love each other, even though they think and act differently from them, from time to time, how much Education.

3. In the beginning, the intimate relationship may not be perfect, but we will try to adjust it so that it is good for both of us

This part of marriage, like the previous ones, are true pillars of a successful marriage. Then both, by dialogue, try to show each other what pleases them and what they do not want, and one respects the will of the other, without forcing anything.

4. We will have patience with the relatives of one another Sogras, 
brother-in-laws, uncles and cousins on both sides can be aggregating people or who, consciously or not, disrupt the marital relationship. It is up to the two of them to have patience with all of them if they want to have a long-lasting marriage.

5. We will cooperate with each other in all things
Whether it’s changing a diaper, washing the dishes, dumping the garbage or making money for the family, both are willing to do whatever it takes, always cooperating with each other.

6. We will do many activities alone and with the whole family.

Family activities such as travel, cinema and zoo trips, visits to relatives and attendance at a church are things that can bring family together. The two should also reserve moments for just the two of them, to date again.

7. We will always be aiming to make up after misunderstandings, because the family will be above everything else.

Always remember that possible disagreements are minor things than the well-being of the whole family. Therefore, when anger passes, they are always willing to make peace or even discuss the relationship to minimize future friction.

8. Whenever possible, and on very special dates, we will celebrate together to create memories that children will never forget

What we like to remember the most as children grow is the activities (and scares) that we all experience on trips and family outings. Even the bad things that happen in these family activities become very funny memories that everyone likes to remember.

9. We will always remember the importance of treating each other with education, care and respect.

“Treat your relatives as you treat your visits,” is a saying that sums up everything we should do in the relationship between the two, and everyone in the family: “excuse me, please, and thank you.” Magic words that can bring home great harmony.

10. Remember to do small things and gestures to please the spouse

The wife, preparing her husband’s favorite dinner, and her husband bringing a bonbon or a flower to his wife, are things that unite the couple. Each couple knows what pleases (and displeases!) Their partner, and that for a lasting marriage, these little things and the gesture of always saying “I love you”, that can make all the difference.

It has been said that “happy marriage does not happen by chance”. Goodwill, understanding, self-denial, work and good humor are virtues that can not be lacking.


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