6 Foods that make hair look better

Many women, unbelievably, still do not know that our hair reflects our eating habits, so when we eat healthy, the wires become brighter, beautiful and well nourished.

Likewise, if we consume a diet rich in colorants, preservatives and saturated fat, for example, our liver will be overloaded, and he, who is the body responsible for cleaning the body, sends signals that he is not getting Work properly, reflecting, of course, on the hair, these being opaque and lifeless.

So to have healthy hair, the tip is to maintain a balanced diet, rich in nutrients and minerals. For example, investing in dark green leaves and meats, which contain iron, a nutrient that helps nourish the hair follicles (the “roots” of the hair), and iron deficiency causes loss of radiance, dryness, weakness and even hair loss.

Another tip is to drink plenty of water, it is allied with Recommended intake of water varies from 1.5 to 2 liters per day. See below what you can not lack in your food to have a magazine cover hair:

If you are suffering from hair loss, the tip is to invest in orange, carrot and other orange foods that contain beta-carotene,

They can help fight the problem, as this nutrient is a natural antioxidant (anti-oxidant) Action of molecules that damage healthy body cells, directly related to skin aging.

Because of this function, beta-carotene prevents the wires from falling and losing their brightness. In addition, some orange foods also have vitamin A, which helps nourish scalp cells.

1. Pumpkin

The pumpkin is an excellent source of beta-carotene, which helps in the vitality and growth of the hair, in addition, contains antioxidant, which prevents the death of the hair bulb preventing the fall, and the loss of pigments that leave gray hair. The pumpkin is also rich in vitamin A, which acts on the scalp to leave it more nourished and controlling the natural oiliness.

2. Chestnuts

Another tip is to invest in brazil nuts, a source of zinc and selenium, their absence can cause damage to the hair, such as thin, brittle and dull yarn. By eating two units a day, the chances are good that your hair will grow strong and look less oily.

3. Eggs

Hair is composed almost exclusively of protein, so a diet with protein contributes to the growth of the yarn. The egg is an excellent source of protein, in addition to being rich in vitamin D, folic acid, iron and zinc. Combats the hair fall, giving strength and luster to the wires.

4. Broccoli

The broccoli is a vegetable rich in vitamin C and A, which contribute to improve the resistance of the hair fiber, besides being a source of phosphorus, iron and calcium. All these elements help to improve the synthesis of the capillary structures, reducing the fall caused by the breaking of the threads, and the greater amounts of fibers are in the trunk of the vegetable tree.

5. Oats

Oatmeal has a huge legion of fans, as well as delicious, it is a source of protein, calcium, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Nutrients that promote hair growth and strengthening.

6. Walnuts

Powerful, they should be consumed year-round, as walnuts are rich in Zinc and Vitamin E, which participate in the process of hair formation. In addition, they stimulate the growth of the wires. But the recommended is to eat up to five walnuts a day.

Have this foods today and then you will surely have your hair look better


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