World War III: North Korea Threatens To WipeOut United States

An official North Korean website warned Monday that Pyongyang will “wipe out ” the United States if Washington starts a war on the peninsula, the latest tit- for -tat sabre -rattling that has sent tensions soaring in the region , AFP reports.

And According to Vice President Mike Pence, the US supercarrier Carl Vinson will arrive in waters off the Korean peninsula “ in a matter of days” amid reports the North could be preparing a sixth nuclear test .

Pyongyang is still believed to be far from reaching its aim of building a missile capable of reaching the US mainland , but the secretive nation has ramped up its rhetoric in recent weeks and has carried out two rocket tests this month alone .

In a series of editorials the Rodong Sinmun newspaper — the official mouthpiece of the ruling Workers ’ Party — said the North ’ s forces were undeterred and called the US strike group’s imminent arrival “undisguised military blackmail” .

“Such threat may startle a jellyfish , but can never work on the DPRK , ” it said Monday, using the country’s official name , the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea .

A day earlier it said the North ’s revolutionary forces were “combat -ready to sink the US nuclear aircraft carrier with a single strike” . Pyongyang ’s rhetoric intensifies every spring , when the US and South Korea hold joint exercises it sees as rehearsals for an attack on the North .

A separate editorial on the North ’s propaganda website Uriminzokkiri Monday claimed that the dispatching of the Carl Vinson signalled a war : “ It is proof that an invasion of the North is nearing day by day .”

The editorial, described as being written by an army officer , said it was a “ big miscalculation” for Washington to compare the North to Syria, which did not launch an “immediate counterattack ” after a US cruise missile strike earlier this month .

In the event of an attack, it said ,

“The world will witness how Washington’s rash nuclear aircraft carriers are turned into a huge pile of steel and buried at sea and how a country called America is wiped out from the Earth.”​


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