The first role models for us as Nigerian men were folks like Ogun, Sango and Amadioha and that was the program installed in us even though the 21st century “Sangos’ now wear jackets, drive good cars and have protocol officers but their operating systems and structures is still Sangolike.

How do you test this DNA?

Just the moment you can’t see your wife as a mate or a friend and you can’t stand her leading you in the areas of your incompetence you are simply running the Amadioha program.

The moment you can’t respect a woman or someone younger than you who is more competent than you or you find it difficult to free your mentees that is the Sango DNA at work.

You can’t transform your world until you accept the fact above and consciously get help but above all you must come to the basic understanding that your gender is not what makes you superior to the next man infact what makes you an effective leader is your ability to respect every talent in your domain and create the right environment for them to maximize their ability.

Please, Trying to be like Jesus without uninstalling your original operating system will only make you a ‘Sangolike Jesus’​


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