Must See!! Important 5 Crucial Things You MUST Do Before You Hit 30 Years Of Age

The age 30 is a very important age in one’s life. When you see some successful people at the peak of their lives, it doesn’t come by magic.

It takes conscious decisions and efforts. At every state of your life, training and retraining is necessary. There is a huge different between a lion in the jungle and a lion in the cage. Check out these five crucial things you must do before you hit the age 30:

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Honestly, staying around your comfort zone is sweet and stressless. You can freely eat whatever you want and do whatever you desire. But it is a dangerous zone. It increases laziness. It is a dangerous zone to remain because it costs you many good opportunities.

2. Don’t get distracted by the opposite s3x

A particular American once said, “A young boy that spends time thinking about a girl, actually spends time wasting his life”. I think this also happens for young girls who spend their time thinking about a boy. The basic thing that should occupy your mind before and even after you hit the age 30 is focus and determination. These three things can go a long way in the life of any youth.

3. Quit Being Vain

You don’t necessary have to empty your account to buy those expensive designer clothes that you cannot afford. Most youths make mistake of spending more than they invest. They spend beyond their capacity and cherish vanity. Quit the snapchat lifestyle and face life reality.

4. Find Your Muse

Before you hit the big 30, you should be able to satisfactorily answer these questions. What inspires you? What are you passionate about? What is that job you can do diligently even if you don’t get paid at the end of the day?

5. Quit old ways

Some youths are fond of doing things the old way and holding on to past painful and useless memories. They don’t buy new ideas. Embrace innovation and inventory revolution. Get involved in the new ways of doing things and get yourself updated.​

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