10 Careful Things That Can Cost You Your Job

The recession is biting hard this day, let me tell you that the unemployment market is growing per second.Bread winners are becoming bread losers. In this critical times, nobody wants to lose their job. Here are 21 things you are doing or plans to do that might cost you your job.

1.INCOMPETENCE: Performing below expectations and inability to perform “simple” assigned task can lead to an immediate sack.

2.CONSTANTLY BEING REBELLIOUS: Disagreeing with all management rules and regulations. Openly confronting constituted authority can cost you that job.

3.DISRESPECTFUL ATTITUDES: When one is Always arguing and confronting coworkers and management and showing lack of respect to colleagues and superiors, it can lead to a sack.

4.STIRRING UP CONTROVERSY: Making jest and/or harassing others.Raising unnecessary controversies is not good in a workplace as it can lead to a sack

5.NOT OBEYING INSTRUCTIONS: Failure to follow and obey all instructions can be seen as disobedience and can lead to a sack.

6.NOT BEING IN GOOD TERMS WITH OTHERS: When a person is not always in good terms with coworkers, boss, and/or client/customers can lead to a sack.

7.INABILITY TO INTERPRET ROLES: Every worker is expected to interpret specific roles. tConstan Inability to express one’s role can lead to a sack.

8.FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: Communication is very important in any organization.Anyone that cannot communicate well verbally or otherwise may be asked to leave

9 UNPREPAREDNESS CAN LEAD TO SACK: When a worker is always unprepared for meetings or presentation it can lead tp a sack.

10. INABILITY TO MANAGE TIME: Not meeting deadlines is dangerous and can make one lose his job.


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