In as much as we men enjoy and love holidays, sometimes, such holiday can be boring and uninteresting.In a period like this, you may find some men complaining bitterly about the holiday,saying it is not worth it but here are some practical steps one can take as a man to make sure the stay at home during this Easter holiday is not boring.

MAKE SURE THERE IS POWER IN YOUR HOME; To make your stay at home look memorable this Easter holiday, do not rely on Public Source for your power consumption.Try to save enough money to buy fuel to power your Generator set and make sure you service your set well ahead of the holiday.When one has 24 hours power, the holiday will not be boring

-EAT OUT WITH YOUR FAMILY; Eating three times at home may be boring.During this holiday, try to eat out with your family at least once or twice.This will definitely add a new dimension to the holiday and it will help the family to bond together again.

-INVITE FRIEND (S) TO COME AROUND;There are one or two friends that tend to put smile on one’s face whenever they are around.Every individual needs this types of friends around them once in a while, so, invite them over during this holiday, it will add to the beauty of the Easter holiday.

-WATCH PROGRAMMES TOGETHER; Do not be selfish during this Easter holiday, put the TV on channels that the whole family can enjoy together.Try not to monopolize the TV otherwise your wife and children will not be happy and it may affect your holiday negatively.

-EAT DELICACIES YOU LOVE OR YOU HAVE NOT EATING IN A LONG WHILE: This, of course, depends on available resources.If you can afford it, ask your wife to prepare delicacies that you cherish or the ones you have not eating in a while.It will surely beautify your stay at home.

LEAVE ALL WORK AT THE OFFICE; Women generally don’t appreciate it when men come home to resume work again after office. please do not come home and continue to work except it is essential and please seek her understanding in this situation.Let the holiday be a true holiday, not a working holiday.

MAKE SURE YOU REST VERY WELL; For you to enjoy your holiday, good rest is essential.Sleep very well and rest enough.Take some afternoon rest too, it will do you a lot of good.

If any man put some of the above-mentioned steps into practice, the holiday will certainly be a memorable one.Enjoy your Easter Holiday.​


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