Ladies!! See The 5 Main Types Of Women That We Men Are Attracted To (See Here)

You are all dressed up to go on a darand you even have a place to go to but at the end of the day, you are alone at a bar drinking alone.

You are beautiful, intelligent but can’t keep just a date and you keep wondering what you have been doing wrong.

Most times, it’s always about the vibe you send out and it may be time for you to change the way you are a little bit.

Below are 5 types of ladies, guys like to date;

1. The dominatrix girl: “Asking out is no longer restricted to guys, ladies of nowadays make the first move too, guys may find girls who take charge a little intimidating at first, but they are.such a turn-on they can’t resist them”.
2. The slutty kind of girl: Are you the type that dresses skimpily, shows a lot of skin, talks brashly and are ready to get down and dirty? girls now leave no doubts in guys mind about what they really want, they have become more open about attentions.
3. Miss sweet: “Can you pull off the demure, coy look? well, it’s not something you have to be born with, believe me, a little simpering will go a long way in getting out that macho instinct”.
T4. Miss top-heavy: Get your mind out of the gutter, I am talking about brains, girl!guys like an intelligent conversation on visually everything as it is a big turn on and a pride for them when their girl can contribute to meaningful discussions outside. Being able to dress well is also an added advantage.
5. Mommy dearest: Which guy would not like to be fussed over? forget it men love attention, be a mother and not smother or frustrate him.

“At the end of the day, the fact is you are a girl and he is a guy interested in girls, the only way you will not get any action tonight is if you insist on being one of the guys, it is not just about your clothes,s3x appeal is a state of mind, tap into that part of your brain and things will go your way”.​


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